Prof Jamal Naqvi given tribute in Karachi University

HYDERABAD:22 august: Yadgar Committee held a reference tribute to ex-secretary of communist party and Marxist intellectual Prof Jamal Naqvi.
He will be always remembered in history for his contribution to Marxist thought and struggle for democracy. Dr Jaffar Ahmed, ex director of Pakistan Study Centre Karachi University said that Prof Naqvi strengthened power of communist party in era of Ayub Khan.

Prof Naqvi wrote a book which was not in favour of communism, even it was totally based on criticism and our organisation has planned to publish this book. Daughter of Jamal Naqvi, Sameena Jamal said that my father had been jailed when she was in class eighth and he was released when she was in intermediate class. Comrade Jam Saqi said that participants in this reference tribute are the living example of his contribution. Sohail Sangi said that Prof Naqvi was my Marxist teacher, even we were remain together 5 years in jail and 5 years after, he became the main element of communist movement.
Published in Daily Times, August 22nd 2017.